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Why you should add a deck or stone patio to your home

The addition of a patio or deck to your home let’s you create a truly personal and unique outdoor living space, but it can also be a great financial investment in your property. Let’s explore the benefits of adding a patio or deck to your home in more detail.

Creating a tranquil escape

You will be creating a personalized space that you can relax or entertain in. Depending on your hobbies or interests, you can add anything from lounging furniture to a BBQ or a garden to create a space that’s truly yours.


Expanding your living space

A deck extends your home’s living space, especially in the summer. Adding a dining table or a BBQ can turn the deck into an outdoor dining room in the summer months. While lounging chairs and outdoor furniture can make it a great place for entertaining.

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Increasing the value of your home

Did you know that decks are among the most cost-effective and high-return additions to your home? Remodelling magazine found that 85% of the cost of building a deck could be recouped during the sale of a home, a pretty high figure in comparison to 78% for a bathroom remodel or 69% for a family room. And in their annual report comparing cost and value of various remodelling projects, the magazine found that in eight of the 81 cities surveyed, deck additions achieved a cost-value ratio of over 100%!

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Expressing yourself

You may have had to compromise when it comes to some aspects of your home’s design, after all most homes in Ontario are not custom-built. Adding a patio or deck to your home is an excellent way to bring more of yourself to your home. With so many design options and materials to choose from, you’ll end up with a deck that’s not only an extension of your home, but is also an extension of you.

We hope that you are more confident about adding a deck or patio to your home after exploring some of the advantages of these outdoor space additions. If you are located in the GTA and are interested in receiving a free quote on a deck or patio from us, please schedule an appointment today.

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