What to plant in seasonal urns for summer, fall, winter & spring

One of my fondest memories of coming out of my condo were the urns that lined the entrance, it was a beautiful sight to see when leaving the building in the mornings and lovely treat to be greeted with at the end of a long day.

Seasonal urns are a great addition to any outdoor space. They’re particularly useful up here in Canada where the seasons bring on drastic weather changes.

Below we look at the urns that work best for different seasons.

Summer (May – September)

Summer is a welcome time in Canada, after months of winter and the teasing of warm spring days, there is nothing Canadians welcome more than the summer heat. And as summer temperatures soar, it means more plant and flower choices for summer urns. This is the only time of the year you can find an array of tropical plants on your porch, some nice additions can include hibiscus, begonias, crotons, ivies, ipomeas, mandevilla, fuchsias, brugsmania, ferns, and oleander.

A pink Mandavilla at the center with a base of geraniums, scavolia, green potato vine and new guinea impatiens

Fall (September – November)

With Thanksgiving and Halloween, fall can be a time of heavy foot traffic on your porch, so a fall urn can be a lovely way to welcome visitors. Fall urns can be an eclectic mix of colours, branches, ornamental grass, and even vegetables. Here are some plants you can find in autumn urns: kale, pansies, mums, and purple fountain grasses, English Icy, eucalyptus, sage, pumpkins, gourd, and more.

Mixture of purple kale, orange mums, ornamental grasses and fall accents.

Winter (November – March)

A splash of green colour can be a welcome sight on your porch in the middle of winter. Greenery can be added to a winter urn in the form of various branches like cedar, white pine, balsam, spruce, magnolia leaves, dogwood, curly willow, and boxwood. Adding berries and pinecones can add more beautiful colours to your urn. You can also add holiday decorations to them to give a truly personal touch.

A traditional winter look with a mix of pine, blue spruce, cedars, dogwood branches, magnolias, and some colourful accents

Spring (April – May)

Spring is a beautiful time in Toronto. High Park is in full bloom with Cherry Blossoms, the smell of sweet lilacs is in the air, so why not bring spring to your home? Spring urns are wonderful additions to a home, you have plenty of flowers to choose from like pansies, ivy, tulips, daffodils, pansies, hydrangea, campanula, pussywillows,  and more.

Mix of orange and red tulips, daffodils, ivy, pansies, and height with curly willow and pussy willow branches.

If you’re in the GTA and are looking for beautiful and customized seasonal urns to add to your home, please contact us for a free quote today.

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