Aden has become a
Husqvarna Dealer

Aden is focused on providing our customers with the latest technology to keep their lawns healthy and beautiful. We have recently become a Husqvarna dealer to offer robotic lawn mowing services for commercial and residential properties. An efficient and quiet way to keep your lawn mowed. Our ROBOTIC lawnmowers emit less carbon emission than the next leading brand, helping to save the Earth by reducing your Carbon footprint one trim at a time!

How it works:

How does the Automower® robotic lawn mower save you time while giving you a better lawn? The answer is Automower® clips just a little grass at a time, staying ahead of growth while naturally fertilizing the turf.

That’s why, when you install Automower® at your property, you’re not just getting another lawn mower– you’re getting the guarantee of freshly cut lawn 24/7. Forget horsepower, cutting width, engine maintenance and the other details of traditional mowing. Automower® is the innovative lawn care solution you’ve been searching for!

Our process:

To get started with your brand new robotic lawnmower, 

  1. Request a quote  – Send us a message about your property, and your interest and we will schedule a time to set up a free consultation.

  2. Select your product – After choosing the right product for you, we will go over the set-up and installation process and finalize the purchase by setting up an appointment with you.

  3. Set-up – We will come by and help you get started with the installation of your new mower and be available for any questions you have about the product’s functionality – We are here to help.

Why us?

  1. Easy & efficient set-up; our team will set up and install the Automower on your property and answer any questions you may have about using your new robotic lawnmower.

  2. Save time; Water-proof and controllable through a smartphone, mow your lawn anytime from anywhere.

  3. Save the environment; Battery-operated and less carbon dioxide emissions.

  4. Effortlessly have your lawn mowed using the newest technology to make sure you have a healthy green lawn.

Our service area

Need a quote or consultation? Drop us an email.

Residential services

Keep your lawn healthy and green using Aden’s Automower. Aden’s Automower can easily be connected to Bluetooth, giving you the control to send commands from your smartphone. With its high cutting capacity and low noise levels, you can mow in confidence at any time.

Commercial services

Aden’s professional line of mowers makes it easy for landscape professionals, property managers and property owners to keep their properties in tip-top shape. Our commercial mowers are powerful, durable, and quiet, getting the job done without disturbing your employees or guests.

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