Our Favourite Landscaping Projects of 2016

Choosing our favourite projects this year was no easy task for our team! We had the pleasure of working on a large amount of unique and beautiful outdoor spaces this year, including commercial, industrial and of course residential spaces. We gathered here some of our favourite projects, which we’d like to share with you.

If you see any work that you particularly like, please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to apply similar services to your space.

Irregular lawn shapes in a Toronto backyard



Location: Toronto, Ontario

Services: Seasonal planting

Features: A playful curved lawn highlights the lovely flowers and shrubs featured in this garden.

Client’s comments: “Aden Earthworks is a pleasure to deal with. We always have the best looking garden on the block.

A classic and chic front lawn



Location (city): Toronto, Ontario

Services: seasonal planters

Features: Without a doubt one of our favourite landscaping projects this season, the beautiful mazes of manicured boxwoods are framed by a surround of New Guinea Impatiens.

Client’s comments: “Thank you for taking the time in working with us to create the most beautiful urns on our block and absolutely stunning boxwoods.”

Stone steps and layered boxwood hedges


Location (city): Toronto, Ontario

Services: landscape construction

Features: Enhancing the beautiful retaining walls in the backyard of this luxurious home with boxwood hedges.

Client’s comments: “Aden Earthworks made the whole process very easy, from beginning to end, we definitely recommend them to anyone”.

North York Commercial Residence Landscaping


Location (city): North York.

Services: commercial landscaping 

Features: Every outdoor space can benefit from a little love and attention, just look at this North York apartment’s landscaping. Flowing english ivy and a lush variety of summer plants makes it a pleasure to stroll home. 

Client’s comments: “Aden’s team is so professional and courteous. It’s a pleasure to have them here and our residents don’t stop complimenting the landscaping all season long!”

English garden in a modern home



Location (city): Toronto, Ontario

Services: residential lawn care

Features: A natural looking garden adds a great contrast to this modern home’s backyard, letting its residents enjoy the best of both worlds.

Location (city): Toronto

Services: Seasonal planting 

Features: A front yard that welcomes you home without fail. Featuring symmetrical boxwoods surrounded by pink begonias

Client’s comments: “we have the best looking garden on the block and that’s all thanks to Ben Zlotnick and his entire staff”


Location (city): Toronto, Ontario

Services: commercial landscaping 

Features: Enhancing and refreshing the look of an apartment building’s font fountain. We framed the fountain with a variety of beautiful colourful flowers, including:  purple salvia, yellow marigold, pink begonias, and white alyssum.

Client’s comments:  “looking at the flowers from the penthouse is really spectacular”.

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