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Add flare and elegance to your property with custom outdoor and indoor planters as our designers paint your entrance, courtyard and foyer with the colours and textures of the season. Our designers work with a wide variety of materials to create both indoor and outdoor, permanent and seasonal displays. From sophistication to celebration: we prepare each display based on what you want to express. Seasonal displays can include:

  • Spring planters may include tulip, daffodils, crocuses, curly branches, pussy willow, hydrangeas, rhodo, branches, hyacinths, pansies, viola, curly willow, dogwood branches
  • Summer planters may include annuals and perennials, such as geraniums, hibiscus, begonias, crotons, ivies, ipomeas, fuchsias, mandevilla, bacopas, dahlias, fuchsias, euphorbia, etc.
  • Fall planter may include: fruits, cabbages, mums, kale, blue fescue, fountain grass, english ivy, dogwood bunches, various grasses, etc.
  • Winter planters may include cones, berries, bird branches, white pine, cedar, oregonian, douglas fur, magnolias, ornaments, cherry sticks, red dogwood, and others.

Looking to create your own seasonal planters? Check out our blog post on our top picks for the top plants and flowers to include in fall, winter, spring, and summer planters. 

Our process:

Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for in terms of seasonal planters. Our horticultural experts will get in touch with you to learn more about your property’s design, your house’s architecture, and your current garden. Based on this information we’ll recommend certain types of plants and flowers. We will then dispatch our crew who will assemble the plants on site at your home.

Why us?

  • We customize each planter to your specific needs and desires
  • We incorporate your home and garden’s design in our recommendations
  • We can do a wide variety of designs, including modern, formal, classic, traditional
  • We take into account the location of your home and porch and select the best plants for that specific location
  • We fill your planters and urns on site so you can see the process and enjoy the final result
  • We can compliment the seasonal urns and plants with what you have in the garden, so the seasonal planters become an extension of your outdoor space

To get the most value for your money, combine your seasonal planters purchase with one of our other great outdoor services: landscape design, landscape maintenance, construction, winter services, and horticultural services.

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At each step of the way Aden exceeded expectations and left a wonderful product that we hope to enjoy for years.


Toronto Homestars
The crew was very friendly and nice to deal with.


Toronto Homestars
Nothing but the best!


North York Homestars
The guys were patient, i gave them specific request and they did everything perfectly.


North York Homestars
I was very pleased with the finish product. My neighbour liked it so much, she copied it. I would recommend Aden for floral arrangement with a different twist.


Mississauga Homestars
I just leave it to Ben and his crew and my lawn is the envy of my block. His crews just show up on a regular basis and make my lawn look like paradise.


Toronto Homestars
Aden Earthworks really did a fantastic job. They put in all new grass in my backyard and my kids couldnt be happier.


North York Homestars
AE’s employees were all pleasant people to have around my home, and were fast workers and knowledgeable about plants and gardens. The job was done on budget and on time and we love the finished result.


Etobicoke Homestars
Thanks to their creativity my background went from ordinary to a work of art. Service was exceptional.


Don Mills Homestars
The crew that worked on my yard was professional, knowledgable, courteous and they created the perfect garden retreat. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to upgrade or redesign their garden.


Don Mills Homestars
The project was completed in a timely and careful manner and came in UNDER budget! We have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone.


Forest Hill Homestars