Aden Earthwork’s Exhibition at The Green Living Show.




The Green Living Show in Toronto, was a huge success and keeps getting better every year.

It’s an exhibition for those of us who strive for sustainable practice in our enterprises.

Aden Earthworks was there yet again, showcasing our environmental ethics and our green solutions.

Our booth was very popular as usual…
and often remarked upon as
“smelling the best in the show”.

Thank you to the organizers of The Green Living Show for putting on such a worthwhile event.

We connected with many new clients who want their properties designed and maintained with ecology in mind.



Our customers want their Gardens Of Aden to be full of life!

Aden Earthworks Designers understand the birds and bees. 

Bringing a habitat, to your garden, is easy for us!
We know what we’re doing in the GTA environment.

Children, love a garden that is a home for wildlife. 
It’s a valuable experience in their development and connects them to the natural world in a way that is personal.  A lively garden full of bugs and birds is one of the best ways to create this enriching experience for your children.

By choosing ‘attractor’ showcase plants we can design to provide food for many critters… even bats!

For-instance by planting just one plant, The Butterfly Bush: (Buddleja)
in your landscape we can bring Butterflies, Humming Birds, Songbirds, and Bees.

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To bring your backyard habitat alive,
ask us about our
Wooden Pergolas for flowering vines loved by humming birds,
Summer Planters full of blossoms for bees,
Native Plantscapes,
Green Roofs and Green Walls
and Eco-friendly Lawn Care

This is what will take your property to even the next level of ecological stewardship and you will bennefit from the natural, low-maintenance, cost-saving solutions a garden of this type can provide.

Call for a consultation from an Expert Earthworker.

416 – 925 – ADEN

“My lawn wears bare patches in high traffic areas.”

We offer several solutiuons,

The Aden Clover / Grass / Mix!

Organic Spot Weed Control & Fertilizer.

Permiable Pavers, a living walkway. 

Clover is a deep green, low-growing, extremely robust plant, more resistant to drought and foot traffic than grass. When added to high-traffic turf, it keeps those unsightly “paths” green and growing. Great for playing feilds. IN-FACT clover is a legume, and actually fixes nitrogen into your lawn’s soil making the intermingling grass healthier. This practice of mixing clover with estate and sport fields has been practiced traditionally in Europe since since the beggining of mowed lawns. This is something we recently forgot in North America and is available to your property in Toronto through Aden Earthworks. We create the perfect mix for the problem spots of your lawns, playfields, and commercial turf.

Aden Earthworks can also arrange to expertly maintain your high traffic grass turf, with the best Organic (Fiesta) Weed Control available on the market, combined with an organic power feed mix to keep the grass vigorous under heavy foot traffic.

Permiable Pavers

You’ve probalby noticed the driveways and walkways that are a grid of pavers and grass. Aden has much experience in installing such construction. These systems work and are beautiful.  High traffic walkways and driveway can be mowed just as any lawn can.

Ask us about our

Lawn Maintenance Packages

Lawn Maintenance Agreements to suit your needs: 
weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonal, including,
• Mowing
• Cultivation / Edging
• Debris Removal
• Horticulturist Expert Assessments


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