Feed House Plants Now

Even though your indoors is always the same temperature, as the days get longer, your house plants will know it’s spring because of increased hours of light. More light does more than just provide more chance for growth. Don’t settle for the cheap Miracle Grow on the shelf at the grocery store. Instead drop into your local garden centre and choose from the many organic choices, or ask Aden Earthworks to drop off a bottle the next time we’re at your property on your regular maintenance contract.



Spring Clean Up

Toronto winters… can cause damage. Call Aden Earthworks to clean up fallen twigs, branches and other winter debris. You need it now before planting.




Call Aden Earthworks…  we have the tools!  416-925-ADEN



Hardscape Repair

Before your garden beds are planted and beautiful, take care of the rough work now. Repairing freezing damage to cement paths, stonework, or paving can get messy. We have construction and mason experts on call for you. Now is the time to call.




Spring is the time to prune most deciduous woody plants (trees and shrubs that loose their leaves in winter). It’s done this time of year so that the new flowing sap in the warm weather can heal open wounds and keep your shrubs healthy.




Dormant Oil Spray For Last Year’s Disease Problem

If you have any trees that had disease problems the year before, such as black spots on their leaves or mildew, call Aden Earthworks now.  One of our horticultural experts can identify the problem for you and diagnose. We can then spray the bare branches and eliminate the problem before the plant’s leaves appear.




Feed Your Showcase Shrubs

Grapes, Roses, Rhododendrons, Clematis, and Hydrangeas.

Most landscape trees and shrubs don’t need fertilizer. They naturally get everything they need from the nitrogen in the rain, the ecosystems in the soil, and the energy from the sun. But many domestic varieties of what are called “Specimen” plants are bred for things like big showy flowers, or big juicy fruits, rather than for hardy self-sufficiency. These plants need your help to perform their best in your landscape, so be sure to ask us to apply our slow release organic fertilizers so your roses will bloom bright, and your clematis will grow tall.



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