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3 ways to decorate your home this winter

Winter can be a dreary time, especially here in Canada. So we thought we’d share our tips on making your home as welcoming and cozy as possible this winter.

1. Start from the outside in

The only thing worse than stepping outside on a windy winter day, is stepping outside and seeing your driveway overflowing with snow and your walkways filled with ice. Do yourself a favour and have a read through our winter tips to keep your front yard and home nice and tidy, that way you’ll only have to deal with the cold (oh, and the wind chill). If you’d like us to provide winter services for your home this season, please contact us for a free quote – note that to ensure quality service, we have a limited number of neighbourhoods that we take care of.

2. A greeting to welcome you home

The days are getting shorter and there is something unsettling about getting home after work and it already being dark. Offset the early evenings with a welcoming sight when you get home, like a gorgeous winter urn or planter. It will start off your day right by seeing it first thing as you leave the house and cheer you up as you get home from work on what will surely be cold and dark days! Below are our some of our favourites:

Aden Earthworks WInter Urns

Left most planter – a large spiral cedar surrounded by a colourful base of seasonal plants and ornaments like acorns, magnolia branches, cedars, and a dash of blue spruces.

Center planter – a welcoming white planter, centred with birch and white branches, surrounded by a mix of pine, magnolia, acorns, and blue spruce.

Right planter – birch branches are featuring in this one too, to offer height a good colour mixture. Also includes pine, magnolia branches, and a base of blue spruce.

3. Top interior trends this winter

How do you keep the momentum inspiring once you enter your home? Below are some easy interior decorating tips to lift you up when you get home on a dark winter night.

1. Scent is important – what’s better than a lovely scent greeting you home in the evening? My mother used to always cut pine branches in the winter months and place them in vases. The smell of them still conjures up warm winter memories for me. Not up for cutting branches? Take a look at Glamour’s list of the top winter scented candles to find a scent that inspires you.

2. Add colour – with the trees bare, the ground covered with a white blanket, and the skies overcast, the colours we are used to seeing outside in the summer are just not there this time of year. So why not add colour accents around your home instead? Add colourful pillows, throws, or vases to cheer up your home. Need some inspiration? Here’s a Pinterest board with tips on ideas of how to add colour to your home.

winter add color
Image via Pinterest

3. Stay warm – add warm rugs and throws to wherever you relax to make sure you’re comfortable and warm. This Pinterest board feature some terrific patterns and fabrics you can add to your home.

We hope these tips inspired you to make your home more cozy and welcome this winter season!

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