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Taking care of your home this winter

Though we’re still more than a month away from the official start of winter, the low temperatures and overcast skies are promising a very winter-like November. The first snow of the season fell last Friday on Halloween night in parts of the Toronto, so it’s not to early to start prepping for the winter season ahead. As always, if you’re interested in using our team’s services to help with snow plowing, snow removal, snow shovelling, and salting – then please contact us or fill out the form found at the bottom of this post.

Start shovelling early

It’s easier to shovel thin layers of snow, so try to clear it as soon as it hits the ground. You’ll thank yourself and so will your back, shovelling a foot of snow is difficult – especially if you’re not using the right technique. Here is a great article on 16 cardinal rules of snow shovelling, featuring helpful stretches, proper posture, etc.

Preventing ice

Repair any hazardous spots in your driveway, where water can gather and turn to ice in below-zero temperatures. Looking for green options to de-ice your car or driveway? Here is a helpful article with some great suggestions.

Preparing for crazy weather

Last year’s Toronto ice storm was so bad that city officials proposed to declare Toronto a ‘disaster area’. To minimize damage in case there is a similar storm this year, consider removing any dead or dangerous branches that could fall off if frozen. In case of a storm make sure you’re covered, CBC put together a great article about damage to homes, yards, and cars and how Canadians can claim it with their insurance companies.

You can stay in the know about the latest weather forecasts and warning at Environment Canada. If there is an ice storm forecasted, make sure you plan ahead in case power-lines come down and result in power outages (some of which can last days). The Government of Canada’s ‘Get Prepared’ initiative but together a handy checklist for emergency kits in case of a winter power outage.

Be a good neighbour

If you’re shovelling your driveway, take a couple of minutes to shovel neighbouring sidewalks and prevent hazardous conditions. Decide where you want to shovel your snow before you start to prevent from shovelling snow twice.

Having what you need to stay safe

Ensure you have enough salt on hand to clear high-traffic areas quickly, e.g. your porch, steps, driveway, walkway, etc. If you are not using a snow plowing contractor, make sure you have equipment on hand to take care of the various snowy conditions that we experience during the winter months.

If you’d like our help this winter with snow plowing, shoveling, and salting your home please fill out the form found below. To ensure we do the best job possibly in a timely manner, we limit our service area to Sheppard Ave. at the North end, Avenue road at the east end, Eglinton Ave. West at the south end, and Dufferin St. at the west end.

When the snow starts melting

Remove snow from any area that can result in damage once in melts, like stairwells, window wells, and walls.

Lowering the winter bills

Winter means hiked up energy bills to keep your home warm, you can take some measures ahead of time to save on these costs by creating a more energy efficient home. Here is a great article outlining 5 suggestions.

If you’re interested in having our team at Aden Earthworks take care of your winter snow removal services, please let us know. Below are the areas we take care of for residential snow removal services:

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