Inspirations from Aden Earthworks.



Above: The Earthworkers install a Summer Shade Garden.

Hot Summers in the GTA
are a good reason to talk with an Aden Earthworker about
install a Summer Shade Garden. Remember, that when winter comes
and the leaves drop, the light will return. In Ontario,
the variety of native and exotic specimen plants
that can thrive in low light conditions is plentiful.



Above: A native and hardy Yew Tree that loves shade.

Fern Gardens are a popular request from our clients for shady areas.



Above: an Earthworker plants a Native Yew Hedge in a shady location.

Aden Earthworks Designers can be as creative as you like.



Above: an Earthworker plants Ferns & Hostas in a Summer Shade Garden.

Look at this Elevated Fern Garden with in-built irrigation
and tell us any ideas you have this unusual or more.
We can design a solution for you that works!



Many Ferns can be planted directly into walls
and other unexpected, shady places.

A popular design our architects like to include is to
combine Spring Bulbs amongst Summer Ferns.
This creates a succession of early spring blooms,
and then lush Summer Fern Fronds.


Hostas are very popular now.
They are slightly tender and sensitive to drought,
so we only recommend a landscape of these in-demand plants
when combined with one of our affordable
Landscape Maintenance Packages.
For more info call, 416-925-ADEN.


Our designers often are thanked for suggesting
Hardscapes in Shade Gardens. We have Masons and Carpenters
on call for you with many ideas and solutions.
A patio area with a place to sit, in full shade, or dappled,
can become a relaxation station on summer evenings.


Our Designers and Landscape Architects are on call to create
custom design to suite your property and lifestyle needs.



Above: an Aden Earthworks Small-Scale Construction team on-site

Ask us for something unusual for your shady area
and we may suggest a Moss Garden with interspersed patio stones.
This… believe it or not, is an extremely low-maintenance,
affordable solution.



Have you ever considered a “Bean Arbour”?
Most probably not!
Well you might want one after looking through our designer’s suggestions.
Aden Earthwork’s creative professionals take inspiration
from a wide variety of beautiful and whimsical,
low-maintenance solutions.
We have a designer to create your vision.


And… if you really, really want grass in that shady spot,
we have a secret method. Our aeration service, small-scale machines for tight corners
and all shape lawns, can increase dranage, help thatch break down naturally,
and take what would be a mossy, weedy area, and allow a lawn to grow.
This trick combined with a custom formulated mineral mix to nutralize
the pH of your soil, can create conditions perfect for a lush lawn
in a rather shady spot! Just ask us if it’s possible for your property.



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