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Landscaping 360: Useful Tips For Every Part Of Your Property

Whether or not your property needs a touch up or complete refresh, here are some of our must-know tips every homeowner should know about. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the all the landscaping options out there, so we’ve simplified it and grouped them into three categories: the front, the side, and the back of the house.

Front Yard

Resist the temptation to add too many types of plants to your front yard. Fewer species will result in a landscape that holds together well instead of appearing to be several different small gardens dotting the yard. Keep your purchases to 5-10 types of perennials, 2-3 shrubs, and 1-2 trees. Our team at Aden would love to help bring your front yard to life, and we can select the perfect plants for your space with our landscaping design services.

Water your lawn.  It seems like a no-brainer to most people, but some overlook this simple task. Before watering your lawn, try to recall the last time it rained, and check to see if it’s going to rain in the upcoming days. This will prevent you from wasting water. Water your lawn in the morning, and avoid middays as the water would easily evaporate in the sun. As well, don’t water at night, because leaving grass wet for long periods of time can create fungal disease in your yard. Read more about it here.

Incorporate a focal point. Any good garden design works around a focal point. The goal is to draw your eye and move it through the surrounding landscape. In the photo below, for instance, there is a tree surrounded by shrubs in the middle of the house.



Back Yard

Add some privacy to your backyard with a fence. It will look great and will add more value to the property. It’s added security, it keeps your pets in, and it creates more shade and personal space. Need help with constructing fencing, screens, protective gates, or any other outdoor structures? Contact us.

Don’t have too much space for planting a garden? No worries. Try a vertical herb garden – instead of planting horizontally, plant vertically. All you need is a wooden trellis and hooked pots to hang up small flowers and plants. Another creative idea is to hang colourful colanders. They make fantastic vessels for flowers, and can brighten up your backyard by having various colours.

Snap-in deck tiles are in. Perhaps you’re not ready to invest in a deck for your backyard yet. That’s not to worry as you can try snap-in deck tiles. They’re perfect for resurfacing outdoor flooring and is decision-reversible, in case you want to change your mind in the future. Our team can help you choose and build your deck in a way that compliments the rest of your house and outdoors space.


Side Of The House

Although it’s not seen as much as the front of your house, it’s an area you’ll be visiting on a regular basis. It’s where most people store their recycling and garbage, and depending on your home’s layout, it may also be the best way to get to your backyard. So, you’ll want to have an easy way of getting around the side of your house – especially in the winter time when ice and snow are everywhere.

Create a modern, simple walkway. With a trip to your nearest home renovation store, pick up 10-12 concrete pavers and enough river pebbles to surround the concrete pavers. This will liven up the moldy grass and weathered stones on the side of your house. This can be a lot of work – in that case, our team can work with you to select the best way to finish the side of your house. You can choose from a variety of pavers, flagstone, or natural stone. Learn more about our landscape construction services today.

Plant a border in pots. Most detached houses will have a pretty narrow space on the sides to connect the front and back yards. To take advantage of this space, plant a border in pots. Enhance the side yard by easily purchasing enough potted plants to fill up a row. Or, if there is soil (pictured), you can directly plant in larger plants.


Need help designing, constructing, or maintaining your outdoor space? Not to worry, our team of talented landscaping experts are happy to help you in any aspect of your project.


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