8 Halloween DIY Decorating Ideas for your Home and Yard

It’s that time of the year! Houses on your street are beginning to look spooky, the leaves are turning colours, and kids are excited for the incoming mountains of candy. We want to help you make sure your house is the most memorable one on your street, maybe in all of Toronto! How? We’re sharing our favourite decorating ideas for the holiday, see the gallery below to get inspired!

Need to get your yard cleaned and prepped for the big night? We’d love to help.

A Pumpkin Serving Bowl 

Can’t greet all the ‘trick-or-treaters’ this year? Place treats and candy in a pumpkin serving bowl and they might just overlook your absence!


Chicken Wire Ghost

There are a number of ways to do this one, all of which include chicken wire, as the title suggests. But you can leave the structure bare or you can place cheesecloth around it for a more ghostly effect.


Halloween Glowing Eyes

How cool is this? Place creepy glowing eyes all around your yard (just make sure it’s sufficiently dark). They’re easy to make and you can customize them with different shapes and a variety of glow-stick colours.

glowing eyes listotic

Halloween Hanging Bats

Let your front yard be taken over by bats. Use Martha Stewart’s easy-to-follow bat project and add as many of these dark silhouettes to your porch and lawn as you’d like. If you like in a humid area or are expecting rain in the days leading up to halloween, try laminating the bays or spraying them with a water-protecting spray like Krylon’s clear polyurethane spray.


Spooky Window Silhouettes

This one isn’t really a yard-decoration per say, but it will still attract and scare anyone who walks by. Cut out creepy silhouettes and place them into your windows, bonus points for spooky coloured lightbulbs to give the shapes a scary glow.

halloween window silhouettes

Yarn Spider Web

If you don’t have arachnophobia, or a fear of spiders, then you may want to add this giant yarn spider web to your front yard. You’ll work on your yarning skills and spare the mess that the store-bought cotton spiderwebs often make.


Spider Dog Costume

This one requires a prerequisite: a dog. Inspired by the viral youtube sensation, chica the spider-dog, which has got more than 100 million views on youtube in the last month, this costumer is both hilarious and terrifying. There are a number of ways to create it, you can follow Martha Stewart’s template, though it’s a bit less spooky looking than the one in the video below. Here is another way to create the costume, this is just meant to be a stand-alone spooky spider, but can be attached to your dog via vest or body harness.

Halloween Door Decorations 

If you’d like to keep the look and feel of your yard (perhaps you took some of our fall inspiration tips to get it looking its best), perhaps you should consider just focusing on your door. Here is a great article with 35 decoration ideas that will transform the entrance to your house into a spooky one.

door decorations diy cozy home

We hope our post got you in the Halloween spirit and you’ll try some of these out. Let us know if we missed any interesting ones and we’ll add them to this post!


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