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10 plants to include in your seasonal fall planters

The temperatures are cooling down, the leaves are beginning to turn yellow, and days are getting shorter – all meaning that fall is, undeniably, here. This shouldn’t mean that the splendour of summer bloom has to desert us completely. Fall brings its own singular beauty and here at Aden Earthworks we like to celebrate it in our own botanical way.

With so many family events and holidays around the corner, your front porch will be making a lot of first impressions. So without further ado, we’d like to present you with 10 plants that will go beautifully into your seasonal fall planters.

heuchera aden earthworks fall planter
Heuchera are very resilient and hardy in cold temperatures, making them a great choice for fall planters in Ontario.

Heuchera – with Heuchera, also known as coral bells, you have an assortment of colours to choose from, making it easy to incorporate into any fall planter. They are also difficult to kill and hardy down to -30 degrees celsius!  Shady or partially sunny spots bring out the most of its colors.

Mums – we couldn’t really make a fall planter list without including these beautiful, late-season flowers. They’re available in a variety of colours and blooms and will look gorgeous well into the season. They’re also photoperiodic, meaning they bloom in response to the shortened days and longer nights (no seasonal affective disorder for them!)

Bonus: Here are 5 mums that will go great in Canadian gardens, via Canadian Gardening

Kale – Kale is a wonderful addition to fall planters, its colours tend to only get more vibrant as temperatures fall, making you enjoy its beautiful textures throughout the season.

Blue Fescue – a lovely low maintenance ornamental grass, its unique texture and colour will help highlight other plants in your fall planter.

Fountain grass – If you have fountain grass in your yard than you are already aware of its beautiful fall foilage, which makes it a no-brainer addition to seasonal fall planters. It’s low maintenance and its fuzzy plumes make for gorgeous additions to your fall bouquet.

ornamental pepper fall planter
Ornamental peppers come in a variety of colours, making them welcome additions in most fall planters.

English Ivy – An easy container plant, a “spiller” that will add unique shape and volume to your arrangement. They are cold hardy and do not need to be taken indoors as temperatures cool.

Did you know? English Ivy are great plants to improve your home’s air quality. They reduce airborne fecal matter particles and filter out some chemicals found in household cleaners. 

Rosemary – Here’s a plant that can be working overtime in your seasonal fall planter. In addition to making a lovely ornamental contribution, it smells wonderful, and can be used to season your thanksgiving feast (or any other meal).

Sedums – there is a wide variety of sedum, their thick leaves and star-shaped flowers make for great additions into a fall planter. With a variety of colours like red, pink, yellow, and white – you can integrate it them into almost any arrangement. They also make for great cut flowers, so you can bring some of that fall decor inside your home too.

Ornamental peppers – Another colourful arrangement to your fall planter can come in the form of ornamental peppers, they’re available in red, purple, yellow, orange, black, white, or red. They’re also easy to care for and technically you can eat them, though they’re meant to serve decorational, not culinary purposes so many find them very hot.

Pansies make for beautiful blossoms in a fall planter.
Pansies make for beautiful blossoms in a fall planter.

Dusty millers – the silver-gray leaves of the Dusty Miller make it an outstanding addition in your planter. They actually produce yellow flowers too, but most gardeners will cut them off in order to encourage foliage growth. They also look great in bouquets, but make sure to cut and soak the base of the plant’s stems before arranging.

Fall pansies – these lovely flowers actually thrive in spring and fall, they don’t like the heat and humidity of the summer. Now (September) is a great time to buy pansies and add them to your garden or container. Make sure to look for healthy, compact plants when you’re doing your shopping – healthy pansies will have less blooms and minimal leaf yellowing. Here’s a great guide to selecting and buying pansies.

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